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Financial planning addresses the whole spectrum of one’s financial life, from accumulation through retirement. There are immense advantages to considering all the components when making individual decisions. Independent, comprehensive advice from experienced professionals pays off.

Wealth accumulation is a long-term undertaking, requiring planning, strategy, decisions, monitoring and timely adjustments. The specific approach depends on personal situation and goals. We advise and guide throughout the process with strict adherence to financial planning disciplines.

Retirement, living in or preparing for it, is a major effort that benefits from planning, regardless of age. The particular strategies depend on the variables: for example, years to retirement, family situation, occupation and, of course, objectives.

Risk protection starts with identifying and ranking the risks. There are a multitude of insurance types and policies, and not all risks warrant insurance. Independent guidance not tied to particular products is invaluable.

Tax planning may be the best, perhaps the only way to get double-digit returns without risk. And providing for family members, for the continuation of a business, for deserving causes, all gain from planning how estate assets are distributed after death.

Education planning with special vehicles such as 529 plans can lighten the financial burden of funding education: your own, your children’s, your grandchildren’s. There is every reason to take advantage of the opportunities, regardless of means.

Life planning is going beyond the money. We begin with your definition of success, whether wealth, family relationships, achievement or something else. We help you visualize yourself in 5, 10 or 20 years, then help you determine the changes needed and the obstacles to overcome.