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Investment management organizes invested assets in a portfolio for ease of understanding and monitoring. It removes speculation about which investments to choose, when to buy and sell, and which to keep. Our system informs and educates, putting you on a path of confidence to managing wealth.

Lampe Financial, LLC offers a complimentary discussion about your money, your attitudes toward it, and what you want to do with it. We explore how you controlled your money in the past and how you want to take charge of it going forward. Tools are provided to uncover purpose. Questions are asked to determine intention and together we create a plan designed around you.

With our list of questions we probe to reveal your money personality. When expectations for risk and return are known, we structure a well-diversified portfolio of funds. The investments are selected from a tight list of heavily researched mutual fund managers. The target portfolio is what guides us to know when to alter the balance and when to replace its components.

Results, both short term and long, are measured against the market benchmarks. Cost basis is tracked to reveal tax reduction opportunities. The need for action is assessed and a meeting is called. Making timely adjustments is part of the discipline and is fundamental to the success of the investment management process.

The Benefits: uncertainty and speculation are replaced by an organized method for making decisions, a means to review returns, and compare results. We, at Lampe Financial, LLC, are not day traders or stock pickers. We don’t chase what’s “hot” or run from what’s “cold.” We don’t try to anticipate what's about to turn the corner, buy it, then hope for the best; nor do we advise to run for the hills in a down market when liquidating to cash seems like the only option.

The decision to work together is mutually agreeable and built with a discipline in mind. We want to help you build wealth; we will show you how to be serious about saving, staying invested, and tweaking the parts when they no longer reward. What is important to you becomes important to us as we begin our relationship.

What's next? Be proactive; make the contact, and let us tell you more.